Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Blog


What's Happening In Our Classroom!

Students' are working on the reading strategies summarize/synthesize. Summarizing takes the important information and merges the reader's thinking.  Synthesizing information helps readers to see the bigger picture as they read. Students are learning how to be thoughtful and integrate new information with their existing learning to gain a deeper understanding of the text.  Their thinking will begin to evolve as they encounter new information.  We have been reading non-fiction passages from the Stephanie Harvey Tool Kit, science articles, and Time For Kids. Students are now combining strategies to construct a deeper understanding of what they read.

In writing, students are working on several assignments.  They are working on a constellations story and when that is complete, they will begin working on their narrative story with illustrations. We will be using the format that Author Justin Matott shared when he visited with the fourth grade. These story will be published in a book.  We will have a celebration for this as well.  This celebrations will held Tuesday, May 30th from 2:00-3:00ish.  Please join us in this celebration as students will be sharing several pieces of writing.

We are currently working on adding and subtracting larger numbers using a variety of strategies (number lines, place value blocks, and/or the U.S. Algorithm).  We will begin Unit 7 (How Many Packages and Groups) within the next week.  This unit covers: converting measurement, two digit multiplication and division problems.  Learning is differentiated through small group instruction, as well as extension activities that will challenge all students.

We are finishing our study of "The Sun, Moon, and Stars".  The students created a constellation and are in the process of writing a narrative story of how their constellation came to be.  We will begin our Magnetism and Electricity unit next week.

Last Monday and Wednesday students were working with Legos.  They were learning about simple machines (force/motion, friction, and gears).  They were using inquiry to answer questions about force and motion.

  • May 29th - No School
  • May 30th - Writing Celebration from 2:00-3:00ish
  • May 31st - Field Day (Morning)
  • June 2nd - Last Day (Picnic...more information to come)   

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.