Thursday, January 12, 2017

January Classroom Blog

What's Is Happening In Our Classroom

Students are working on the comprehension strategy of making inferences.  We have been reading a passage on The Titanic.  I begin by modeling, students eventually apply the strategy on their own, making inferences from the text.  Students are learning how to use text clues and their background knowledge to infer the meaning of unknown words, how to infer authors' unstated meaning, and how to merge their background knowledge and information from the text to create a new meaning from the text. We are also reviewing how to annotate using the strategies and why those annotations are important .  As always, when the kids are applying their strategies independently, they are doing so using fiction and nonfiction texts that are appropriate for their reading level.

We have started the genre: informational writing.  The kids are learning how to craft an informational piece. The purpose of the informational piece is to teach others about their selected topic.  Students chose topics based on U.S./Colorado History.  

During the mini-lesson portion of writing, I have been modeling the note taking process for students using texts about The Titanic from Reading.  I have been modeling note taking skills (paraphrasing, and quoting information), citing research, and using text features to elevate the complexity of writing.  This unit will be about two months long.  During this time, the students will write informational pieces which include their voice.  Each student will become an "expert" on their topic through using this process.

We are continuing our study of U.S. Measurement and the Metric System.  Students are learning how to convert from one unit of measurement to the other, calculate perimeter and area, classify polygons, measure angles, and how to accurately use measurement tools. Learning will be differentiated through small group instruction, as well as extension activities that will challenge all students.

Social Studies
We are finishing up our Social Studies unit on Colorado History.  The students have learned about early Colorado settlements that were created and influenced by the Gold Rush, Explorers, Fur Traders, and a variety of other groups. Students will also be learning about Economics and Government. Upon completion of this unit, we will begin our study of the Free Enterprise System and prepare for our day at Young AmeriTowne. 

Our new unit will be "The Sun, Moon, and Stars".  The students will learn what causes night and day, how the sun creates shadows depending on the time of day, the phases of the moon, stars, and constellations. 

Our Technology rotation is right around the corner (Jan. 24th).  Students will be in the STEAM Lab utilizing a variety of new apps to code our new robots Dot and Dash.  The lessons have been designed to connect with the math unit we are currently studying.  For example, kids will be creating and coding paths for their robots using their knowledge of the metric system.  The class is extremely excited.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

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