Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 15, 2015

Dear Parents ~

We are off to a great start and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your child.
In reading workshop, students have been activating their background knowledge and connecting new learning to that knowledge as they read a variety of nonfiction texts. Students have been reading leveled texts and making meaningful/deep connections to their reading. They have been working hard to explain how their connections help them better understand the text using evidence from the text to support their thinking. Within the next week, we will begin using the thinking strategy asking questions.  These strategies are used cross curricular.

We have finished Unit 1 (arrays, factors, multiples, prime/composite).  We will begin Unit 2 which will focus on data.  The students will learn how to create survey questions, gather data, and represent data using a variety of graphs. We have also been using the Chrome books to differentiate and enrich our learning. The kids have had the opportunity to explore a variety of different math games related to the current unit by accessing the google classroom I set up as well as logging on to and playing the math games introduced throughout the unit.

Students continue to work on their realistic fiction story.  They are in the process of editing/revising and typing a draft in Google Docs. Please have them show you their piece.  It is exciting to see the growth that is being made along the way.

In Science we have been learning about ecosystems.  The class has learned about biotic and abiotic factors, predator/prey relationships, the different types of ecosystems, and all about physical and behavioral adaptations,food webs and the relationship between biotic and abiotic factors within an ecosystem.  This unit of study will culminate with the creation of a brochure.  The students will select an endangered animal and demonstrate their learning of the unit as they detail the animal's habitat, diet, its place in the food chain, its adaptations, as well as create a call for action asking for steps to be taken to help take the animal off the endangered list.  Please remember to sign your child up for our Cheyenne Mountain Zoo field trip on September 30th.  You may do this on RevTrak.

Students are using technology on a daily basis.  We have been using Google Classroom for different reading and science activities (Think Sheets).  Please have your child show you.  We will also be starting to use Seesaw.  Students will be able to use this in any content area to show and explain their thinking. More information will be coming your way. Next week, I will be co-teaching with Mrs. Fleet. This will be part of our science unit on ecosystems.  We will focus on fossils.  We will utilize google classroom as well as teach the kids how to use multiple tabs as they investigate a mystery.  The premise of the unit is a based on a mystery that the kinds must solve regarding found fossils.  They will study a variety of texts while gathering clues about where the fossil could have been discovered.  Once they have concluded  where the fossils was discovered they will create a google doc which they will share with the class.  The is google doc will explain how they came to their conclusion. 

October 6th will be the Digger Dash.  Our class selected the name Mrs. Kramer's Owls.  This year there will be no flair.  We may select a color to wear as a class.

Please let me know if you have any question.


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